I hope you find some interesting bits and pieces to read, find something of help with your research and most of all I hope it motivates somebody into starting to research their own family tree.

The one thing that family history researchers have in common, is that we all find our ancestry is so interesting and the stories passed down from generation to generation are so fascinating (they may not be very factual by the time it gets to you, but that doesn’t really matter). And the excitement of finding that long-lost relative has to be experienced to be believed…… just ask any family historian.

As any “hunter” will tell you….it is “the thrill of the chase” that gets you every time. So why don’t you join us and you too can enjoy the thrill of the chase as you hunt down your ancestors.

Spirit of the Anzacs
View and purchase this charity song to support very worthy causes.

I’m honoured to share with you this incredibly special music video for ‘Spirit of the Anzacs’ featuring Guy Sebastian,…

Posted by Lee Kernaghan on Thursday, 26 February 2015