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With Hill End and Tambaroora being of such historical significance it was time to find a facility to provide a place to do the research and to store the data. A place where like-minded people could gather and compare their research. A place where people from all over Australia could find answers about their Hill End ancestors.

The Hill End Family History research room has been operating since May 2005. It has had a few different addresses over the years and can now be found in the Northey’s Store building. We would like to thank Nation Parks & Wildlife Service for their generosity and help over the years we have been operating in Hill End.

Hill End Family History has merged with Hill End & Tambaroora Gathering Group and can now offer a larger range of research materials to the descendants of the pioneering families. We do our best to help everyone with their enquiries and welcome any additions contributed to our archives.

The research room is open every 

Mon to Fri: Daphne will be available by appointment only. 
Saturday: 11am to 1:30pm

For bookings get in touch with Daphne:-
Email hillendfh@y7mail.com
Phone 0429335627 and leave a message.

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