About Us

With Hill End and Tambaroora being of such historical significance it was time to find a facility to provide a place to do the research and to store the data. A place where like-minded people could gather and compare their research. A place where people from all over Australia could find answers about their Hill End ancestors.

This facility was made available at the Visitor’s Centre by the National Parks and the Hill End Progress Association and it is run by volunteers who attend the room in their spare time.

The Hill End Family History research room has been operating since May 2005 and a lot of interesting people have paid us a visit during this time. We have been able to help most with their enquiries and some have been able to help us as well. We are trying to bring the research right through to the present day. If you have any family history that you would like to contribute to the archives it would be greatly appreciated.

The research room is open every Saturday from 10am to 4Pm.
For booking get in touch with Daphne:-
Email – hillendfh@y7mail.com
Or you can try your luck with 0429335627 from 11am to 3pm.

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