Hill End Public School 1868-1968

Application has made for a school at Hill End in 1868, which was declined and it was not until 1870 that hill End public school was opened. Little is known of the school in that first year, as there was no official inspection because of lack of time and floods. It is recorded, however, that 158 children enrolled in 1870, though attendance was rather irregular, the average enrolment being only 127.74

The first teacher at Hill End was Mr. Alfred Page, who remained from mid 1890 until September 1871 when Thomas Yates took over until July 1874.

By 1872, Mudgee had been added to the list of school districts and the gold field of Hill End transferred to it from the Bathurst district. Hill End went ahead still more rapidly, enrolments amounted to 414 in that year.

By 1875 the enrolments were 342 and the principal was Mr. Luke Blumer who was transferred from Hill End at the end of 1879 and Mr. J. Carolan took his place.

Mr. William Bootle took over Hill End public School from M. Swanton in January 1887. Mr W. E. Bradstreet was principal. Mr. William Perkins took over from April 1899.

In 1908 the school was transferred from the Mudgee Inspectorate to the Bathurst Inspectorate. The change was short lived and in 1910 the school had returned to the Mudgee Inspectorate.

Mr James Harvey was principal from September 1908 and then A. E. Cook from March 1914, then J. E. Thompson from January 1923 and Mr. Harris from April 1928.

Mr Pauling took over the school in 1929 and in August 1931 his wife died of a stroke. He remained at the school until April 1932, when Mr. Fizelle took over and in April 1935 he was killed in a motor accident. In 1935 Mr. Gamble was principal.

At the end of the thirties the enrolment was 61 and the principal was Mr. Owen martin.

Mr. Harry Walpole came in January 1941 and after him came William Nicholson, Maxwell Turser, John Fitzgerald, Thomas Ireland, Darel Mulled and Colin Joyce came in January 1963.

Hill End Public school is still currently active to the current day and continues to educate the minds of a growing generation.

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