Tambaroora Post Office

The first post office at Tambaroora was established 9th July 1852, with Brinsley G. Sheridan in charge. The mails were conveyed via the Post Office at Bathurst, which was opened in 1828, and then via the Sofala Post Office which was established in 1851.

Henry Whittacker succeeded as postmaster on 21st December 1852. The next postmaster was William J. Slack who was appointed on 1st December 1853.

In 1861, John Beard of Tambaroora held the contract for a service once weekly between Sofala and Tambaroora, by horseback

Telegraph Office

Introduction of the telegraph system in New South Wales was in 1858, with lines soon being constructed throughout the state. Prior to 1867 telegraph offices were opened as separate establishments.

It is believed that the Tambaroora Telegraph Office was opened about October 1862. Robert Pizzey was appointed telegraph station master at Tambaroora on 1st October 1862. Premises were rented from T. Pater from 1st October 1862.

John P. Olson succeeded Pizzey on 16th July 1863, then came Alexander Burnett on 1st March 1866. Alexander Burnett later became a postal inspector, and eventually superintendent of mails at the GPO Sydney. The latter was a very important position.


The amalgamation of the post office and the telegraph office was completed in 1st January 1870. Both offices were placed in charge of telegraph station master Alex Burnett. Burnett was promoted as station master and line repairer at Wellington.

John William Clinch succeeded as post and telegraph master on 27th October 1871. During 1871 George A. Reid replaced Clinch.

Because of the rapid increase of the goldfields population the Department decided to separate the two offices and appoint J. S. Willard as postmaster. He took over the post office on 1st March 1872. The post office was conducted in a dilapidated hut. Mr. Willard offered to build a 15 foot by 12 foot room, which was completed on 31st August 1874.

In 1908 W. Willard sent a telegram to the Department advising that his father had died. After some negotiation Willard junior agreed to carry on as postmaster.


A telephone was installed at the post office on 10th July 1914, and public telephone facilities became available. Tambaroora was included in the list of Exchanges in the telephone directory for April 1920 for the first time.

In 1918, W. A. S. Willard resigned and was succeeded by R. Craven, a schoolteacher.

On 23rd March 1923, the postal inspector at Bathurst made a report on Tambaroora. As a result of the inspector’s report the Department decided to close the Tambaroora Post Office, and to connect the telephone subscriber? s service to the Exchange at Hill End.

The Tambaroora Post Office was closed on 31st March 1923.

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