Aboriginals Of New South Wales

The following information was found whilst searching for family history. It was found in Census Lists, Electoral Rolls, NSW Birth Death Marriages, Police and Government Gazettes, Newspaper articles.

Albert1879BarradineShot & killed Nugent Jack
Albert1879BarradineShooting with intent to murder Sally
Albon1874TamberookaMurder of Tom Molloy
Alfred1879WellingtonBreak & enter, ravishing
Alfred1879MudgeeSentenced to death for rape
Alfred1884ParkesPolice Tracker
Alick1874WalgettMurder of Tilly
Alleot, Albert1876WalgettSteal mare
Amberton, Charley1878ShellharbourIllegally on premises
Andy1874Long Flat, Manilla RiverAssault with intent to rape
Andy1874BarrabaAssault with intent to rape
Andy1875Cooroobongatti, Macleay RiverMurder of Billy Goodman
Barber, Ellen1874EuabalongMurdered by Harry Ryan
Barlow, Billie1867Mole, Lower Macquarie RiverKilled by Booker
Barlow, Billy1882Terry-Hi-Hi, WarialdaInflicted grevious bodily harm to Jemmy Jemmy
Barnes, Tommy1875YetmanRape & stealing
Barney1869DeniliquinMurdered Mary
Barney1869Deniliquin15 years roads for murder
Barren Jackey1873Warrenboby, Martharguy CreekMurdered Maggy’s Mother
Beard, David1872DubboAttempt to shoot
Beard, Sandy1872Port MacquarieStealing
Beavers, John1872WellingtonAka Bungarribee Jack. Armed robbery
Beavers, John1876DubboAka Bungarabee Jack. Embezzlement
Beavis, John1878DubboAka Bungeribee Jack. Stealing
Beeri Billy1883GoodoogaEscaped from custody
Beinbah Charley1883PilligaFraudulently obtained goods
Beira, Frances1826NSWBorn to Betsy
Bell, John1869BathurstAttempted rape
Benson, George1880WarrenIllegally on premises
Betsy1826NSWGave birth to Frances Beira
Big Billy1880LismoreAssault with intent to rape
Big Derry1882GraftonCut & wounded by Harry
Big Jackey1882CobargoKilled by Frank
Big Peter1878East KempsyMurder of Cedar Party Jack
Billy1869BooligalFound a mailbag on Hilston Rd
Billy1871GongolanPolice Tracker
Billy1872MaitlandStole a horse & saddle
Billy1872TamworthFrom Wide Bay. Sentenced to death for rape
Billy1873Killawarra, WinghamShot with intent by Billy Dowling & Michael Dowling
Billy1874BourkeStole a watch
Billy1874BrewarrinaHouse breaking
Billy1875CastlereaghMurdered by Tommy
Billy1875BourkeBurgle with intent to steal
Billy1875MoreeArrested for manslaughter of Tommy
Billy1876Port MacquarieStealing
Billy1878South GraftonMurdered by Larrigo
Billy1878East KempsyMurder of Cedar Party Jack
Billy1878MarsdenPolice Tracker
Billy1880WilcanniaPolice Tracker
Billy1882CoonabarabranPolice Tracker
Billy1882CondobolinPolice Tracker
Billy1883GoodoogaPolice Tracker
Billy Bogan1882WarrenPolice Tracker
Black Billy1863MaitlandAssault with intent to ravish. Sentenced 10 years
Black Bob1867Wagga WaggaAssault with intent
Black Jack1865Weddin StationPolice Tracker
Black Jack1867NarraburrahViolent assault, later discharged
Black Tommy1869EdenAka Tommy Holland. Absconded
Blandford, Jimmy1880DubboMurdered by Tommy Dick
Bob1883DubboAssault with intent to rape
Bobby1880Tatalla, Culgoa RiverMurdered by Jimmy Brown
Bobendie1878CoonabarabranSteal horse & tack
Boko, Billy1875ArmidaleWounding with intent of William Campbell
Boland, Dick1876BeleringarMurdered by Jackey Dargin
Boland, Tom1880Mudmelong, AraluenAttemted rape
Bolt, Ben1878GraftonHis saddle was stolen
Bond1879Majors CreekPolice Tracker
Boney1872DubboStole a horse
Boney1880HillstonMurder of Nanny
Boney1882GraftonAssault with grevious bodily harm
Boney Jack1875Lees Villa, JindabyneWas stabbed
Booker1867Mole, Lower Macquarie RiverKilled Billie Barlow
Bourke, Jemmy1879QuamboneAka Booker. Assaulted Jemmy Bulgandy
Bowery Charley1878GoodoogaStole horse
Bowes, Thomas1868TamworthHorse stealing
Bowman, Fannie C1872TumutWas indecently assaulted
Bradley, Richard1877MoamaStole horse
Broom, Charley1877BoggabriAka Lloyd’s Charley. Stole horse & tack
Brothers Dick1875Dungalier Station, WalgettMurder of Mary Ann
Brown, Charley1878BourkeWounded Sally
Brown, Jimmy1880Tatalla, Culgoa RiverMurdered by Bobby
Brown, William George 1875Newton Boyd, DalmortonMurder of Sally
Brown, William George 1876ArmidaleManslaughter
Bruiser1913BourkeBorn to Quimby & Nelly
Brummy1877BingeraMurder of Charlie
Budd, Sarah1879HayMurdered by Joe Cobden
Bulgandy, Jemmy1879QuamboneAssaulted by Jemmy Bourke (Booker)
Bullyell, Jacky1894AlburyBorn 1869. Tracker. Gaoled for spearing & robbing a Polish man on his property Dora Dora near Albury
Bundah, Jackey1879WalgettPolice Tracker
Bunnell1871MoruyaThreatened life of Richard Piety
Burns, Jackey1877Salt CreekMurder of Louisa. Later discharged
Burns, Jacky1874WalkmingoMurder of Louisa
Burrabeen, Charles1877BegaCruelty to horse
Burrowa Billy1868Wambungalong, DubboMurdered
Button, Billy1875Bunglegumby, DubboAssault
Button, Billy1880CurrabubulaArrested for an unnatural offence
Button, Billy1884SingletonAttempted rape
Button, Billy1884MuswellbrookAssault with intent to rape
Cameron, Duncan1883GraftonKilled by Cobby
Cameron, Tom1875University PaddockEmployed by John A Kelly, Ashfield. His coat was stolen
Campbell, Jack1883ArmidaleHis horse was stolen by Schoolmate Jack
Campbell, John1872YoungIllegally on premises
Campbell, John1874Young6 months hard labour for illegally on premises
Campbell, John1875YoungIllegally on premises
Campbell, William1875ArmidaleWounded with intent by Billy Boko
Captain1880RylstonePolice Tracker
Carr, Jack1874DubboSteal horse
Carr, Tom1874DubboAssault & robbery
Carroll (male)1871WinghamFound wounded but died later
Carter, Thomas1878BathurstStole horse
Cedar Party Jack1878East KempsyMurdered by Billy, Big Peter, Billy Crow, Charley & Charley Cheese
Chance1876DenmanAttempted rape
Charley1870KempseyStole clothes
Charley1878East KempsyMurder of Cedar Party Jack
Charley1880-1882MoreePolice Tracker
Charlie1867Bathurst & OrangePolice Tracker
Charlie1877BingeraMurdered by Brummy
Charlie1882Angledool, near GoodoogaMurder of Joe
Cheese, Charley1878East KempsyMurder of Cedar Party Jack
Chrissie1912MossgielGave birth to Wongram Willie
Clark, Jack1873BathurstStealing
Clarke, Billy1879NarrabriMurder
Clarke, Billy1883WalgettMurder of Bob Ridley
Clarke, Jack1874BathurstLarceny
Clemens/Clements, Ned1937Hill EndDied when burned down 20-1-1937. Aged 84
Cobbie1873GulgongAtempted to murder Jackey
Cobby1871DubboStole cows
Cobby1874GunnedahStole a saddle
Cobby1883GraftonManslaughter of Duncan Cameron
Cobden, Joe1879EuabalongMurder
Cobden, Joe1879HayMurder of Sarah Budd
Collis, Toby1884WellingtonMaliciously wounded by George Phillips
Combo1874DubboAccused of stealing horses. Later disproved
Combo1881Glen InnesAka Charley Clarke. Steal horses
Combo1911WalgettFemale child born to Jack & Elsie
Combo, Charles1873WalgettIllegally on premises
Combo, Charly1868Armidale7 years hard labour for murder
Combo, Elsie1911WalgettGave birth to a daughter
Combo, Jack1911WalgettDaughter born
Cook, Billy1877OrangeStabbed & wounded by Hippi
Corumba, Mary1820NSWBorn to Milbona
Cow Billy1873HayStealing
Cow Billy1873HayDrink illegal spirits
Cow Bail Billy1883MiltonvilleMurder of Harry
Cow Bail Billy1884TamworthAcquitted on Harry’s murder
Crawford, Jemmy1883SydneyAge 13. Reported missing
Crow1875West KempsyAtempt to rape
Crow, Billy1878East KempsyMurder of Cedar Party Jack
Cubby1879WalgettStole horse
Cubby1879BrewarrinaStole sheep
Cubby1881BrewarrinaSteal horse
Cubby1883MoreePolice Tracker
Cubby, Aleck1865Maitland7 years roads for rape
Cubby, Jemmy1869MoreeFather of Mary Anne
Cubby Teapot1882PilligaStole horse etc
Cubby Teapot1883WalgettLarceny
Cubby, William1880NarrabriWas assaulted with intent
Cuddy1874DubboAccused of stealing horses. Later disproved
Cullengoing Billy1868Wambungalong, DubboMurdered
Cumbo, Charles1873WalgettIllegally on premises
Darby, Billy1875InverellStealing
Darby, Billy1876InverellStealing
Dargan, William1874DubboStealing
Dargan, Billy1874DubboAssault
Dargin, Billy1879BathurstStole horse
Dargin, Billy1879BathurstStole horse, saddle & bridle
Dargin, Jackey1876BeleringarMurder of Dick Boland
Darling, Billy1873ForbesMurder. Later discharged
Davey1867-1869RockleyPolice Tracker
Davey1871BathurstPolice Tracker
Davey1875MudgeePolice Tracker
Davey1876Wyagdon/BathurstPolice Tracker
Davey1877BathurstPolice Tracker
Davey1878MolongPolice Tracker
Davey1884CowraPolice Tracker
David1882KempseyStabbed by Flying Foo
Deavers, John1873WellingtonArmed robbery
Dennis, Peter1880BingeraAka Tiger. Of unsound mind
Denny1876Maude, BalranaldMurdered by Yango Johnny
Derry1882GraftonAttacked & wounded by Harry
Devlin, Arthur1877GraftonAttempted rape
Dick1876MarsdenPolice Tracker
Dick1878Deep Creek, UlmarraMurder of Georgie
Dick1877WarrenPolice Tracker
Dick1882TocumwalPolice Tracker
Dick, Tommy1880DubboMurder of Jimmy Blandford
Dickey1883YarrawaHis mare stolen
Dickey1884KempseyHis mare stolen by Nymboida Jackey
Dickie1882SydneyMurdered by King Charlie and Nambie Jack
Dinah1910BourkeBorn to Lilah
Dixon, Tom1883SydneyBreak & enter
Donald1870Burrell, GunnedahMurdered Peggy
Donald1883GunnedahAttempted suicide
Doris, Jack1883BrewarrinaMurder of Maria
Doris, Jackey1876BrewarrinaConnected to murder of Jackey Dorrington
Dorrington, Jackey1876BrewarrinaMurdered by Tommy McElligott
Douglas1870GoulburnPolice Tracker
Dowling, Billy1873Killawarra, WinghamShot with intent of Billy
Dowling, Michael1873Killawarra, WinghamShot with intent of Billy
Downey, Sally1874BaradineMurdered by John Regan
Doyle, Tommy1876Gingie, WalgettMurder of Tiger
Driver, Tommy1871GongolanMurder
Dummy1867Cowyal & Lachlan RiverStealing
Dun1882MudgeePolice Tracker
Dundally1874ArmidaleKilled hawker Ah Cheung
Edward1875West KempsyAttempt to rape
Eichorn, Ann1876ArmidaleTorture of a sheep by skinning it alive
Elmes, James1871ObleyPerjury
Elms, James1873DubboSentenced to Darlinghurst Gaol
Flash Charley1877WalgettAttempted rape
Florence1906MacLeanBorn to Harriott
Fly1877Port MacquarieMurder of Paddy Simon
Flying Foo1882KempseyStabbed David
Fox, Sam1875JerilderieRape
Frank1874JerilderieMurdered by George
Frank1875DeniliquinMurdered by George
Frank1882CobargoManslaughter of Big Jackey
Free, Daley1883NarranderaStole coat worth £1-10-0
Free, Jackey1872BooligalStole a cheque
George1871BirregagamaBreak & enter
George1874JerilderieMurder of Frank
George1875DeniliquinMurder of Frank
George1879MoreePolice Tracker
George1882YetmanStole money
George1883AngeldoolPolice Tracker
George (Qld)1883DubboAssault with intent to rob
George1883BourkeKilled by Paddy
Georgie1878Deep Creek, UlmarraMurdered by Jack, Dick & Neddy
Gilpin1870BogabillaMurdered by Tucka Tucka Jemmy
Gilpin1873Ashford, TamworthMurdered
Gingie S1910WalgettGave birth to Tommy
Glass, Eugene1872GrenfellStole a saddle
Golden, James1874MudgeeLarceny as a bailee
Goodman, Billy1875Cooroobongatti, Macleay RiverMurdered by Andy
Goonal Jack1874MoreeAttempt to rape 8 yr old girl
Goonal Tommy1869MoreeRape of Mary Anne (under 10 yrs old)
Gooraham Jemmy1883Meltonville, MungindiMurdered Henry. Later discharged.
Gordon1883InverellPolice Tracker
Gordon, Johnny1872Bullah DelahMurdered
Governor Jacky1900Central WestUnlawful actionsbrother
Governor Jimmyy1900Central WestUnlawful actionsbrother
Governor Roy1945CondobolinSerious offence against an elderly womanbrother
Gramon Jimmy1883MiltonvilleMurdered Harry
Gramon Jimmy1884TamworthAcquitted on Harry’s murder
Gregory, John1872DandalooStole cattle
Hadagady, Paddy1875CobargoMurder of Jacky Wyman
Harriott1906MacLeanGave birth to Florence
Harry1869MudgeePolice Tracker
Harry1873ParramattaIllegally on premises
Harry1876CoonabarabranReceived liquor
Harry1878Carcoar/Cowra/CanowinderaPolice Tracker
Harry1878TerribillPolice Tracker
Harry1879TerribilePolice Tracker
Harry1880CanonbarPolice Tracker
Harry1880CoonabarabranPolice Tracker
Harry1882CasinoAttacked & wounded Derry
Harry1882GraftonCut & wound Derry and Big Derry
Harry1883MiltonvilleMurdered by Gramon Jimmy & Cowbail Billy
Harry1884GraftonUnlawful wounding
Harvey, John1876ArmidaleStealing
Harvey, John1876ArmidaleLarceny
Henry1883Meltonville, MungindiMurdered by Gooraham Jemmy & Sanby
Hiphoy1874GoodoogaStole 7 cattle
Hippi1872BrewarrinaStole a beef carcase
Hippi1877OrangeStabbed & wounded Billy Cook
Hopkins, Mary1839IllawarraBorn to a 15 year old girl
Hubert1869KempseyPolice Tracker
Hurle, Harry1883WalgettReceiver of a stolen saddle
Icely, Jimmy1873ForbesMurder. Later discharged
Inkerman, Alfred1873MudgeeLarceny
Jack1874GongolanSpeared Jackey
Jack1876Port MacquarieStealing
Jack1878Deep Creek, UlmarraMurder of Georgie
Jack1880MolongPolice Tracker
Jack1880GongolganMurdered by Toby and Sambo
Jack1882OrangePolice Tracker
Jackey1865MudgeeAttempted rape
JackeyArmidaleMurdered by Milrea Billy
Jackey1867MudgeePolice Tracker
Jackey1872DubboArrested for attempted robbery
Jackey1872Bodangara MountainPolice Tracker
Jackey1873GulgongCobbie attempted to murder him
Jackey1874GongolanSpeared by Jack, later died
Jackey1875DubboPolice Tracker
Jacky1870CoonambleStole a saddle
Jemmy1872BombalaArrested at Burnbarn
Jemmy1874MoreeMurder of Tommy
Jemmy1883BourkeUnlawful wounding of Kitty
Jemmy Jemmy1882Terry-Hi-Hi, WarialdaGrevious bodily harm inflicted by Billy Barlow
Jenny1874MudgeeMurdered by Paika Billy
Jermey1873BalranaldMurdered by Packa Billy
Jerry1880Springfield, CoonabarabranHis horse stolen
Jerry1882CoonambleWas bodily harmed
Jimmy1872-1874DandalooPolice Tracker
Jimmy1883Angledool, near GoodoogaPolice Tracker
Jipp1877DeniliquinMurdered by Skean
Joe1882Angledool, near GoodoogaMurdered by Charlie
Johnson, Charles1874BathurstDestroy Government property & drunkeness
Joseph, Henry1871Bogan RiverStole a horse
Joseph, Henry1872Bathurst6 months hard labour Bathurst Gaol for stealing a horse
Katherine1814NSWGave birth to Henry Robert
Kenambury, Willie1894AlburyGaoled for spearing & robbing a Polish man on his property Dora Dora near Albury
Kennedy, Kitty1883NarranderaInflicted grevious bodily harm on Maggie Kennedy
Kennedy, Maggie1883NarranderaGrevoius bodily harm inflicted by Kitty Kennedy
Kerr, Tom1875DubboAssault & robbery
King Charlie1882SydneyMurdered Dickie
King, Charlotte1884SingletonStabbed by her husband Fred King
King, Fred1884SingletonStabbed his wife Charlotte King
King Shelly1869DeniliquinBorn 1846. Stockman. Goods stolen from him
Kitty1874HillstonMurdered by Towney
Kitty1883BourkeUnlawfully wounded by Jemmy
Kitty1884BrewarrinaAttacked by Narran Jack
Kitty Brandy1882TimbrabongieMurdered by Wild Harry
Kourian1868FairfieldMurder of man at Bunalbo
Lagoon Billy1880ShoalhavenStole a mare
Lambert, Mary Ann1875Southern Cross, ForbesMurdered by Jack Watson
Lany, Isaac1871BegaAka Larry. Absconded from hired service
Lark, Jack1872BathurstArrested for violent assault
Larrigo1878South GraftonMurder of Billy
Lawson, William1879TamworthRaped 6 yr old girl
Leister, Billy1873BathurstAssault with intent to rape
Lester, Billy1872Kings PlainAka Garr. Rape
Lester, William1875Eglington, BathurstStole a horse
Lilah1910BourkeGave birth to Dinah
Loder, Charles1868WarialdaStealing & rape
Loder, Charley1869ArmidaleAttempted rape, assault, stealing
Louisa1874WalkmingoMurdered by Jacky Burns
Louisa1877Salt CreekMurdered by Jackey Burns
Lundy, Jemmy1874GundagaiThreatening language to a female
Mack, Tom1873ForbesStole cattle
Maggy’s Mother1873Warrenboby, Martharguy CreekMurdered by Barren Jackey
Major1880Tatalla, Culgoa RiverFrom Queensland
Margaret1873CoonabarabranSupple Jack hit her with a tomahawk
Maria1883BrewarrinaMurdered by Jack Doris
Martell, Jemmy1883ObleyMurder of Sally
Mary1869DeniliquinMurdered by Barney
Mary1878BourkeStole 2 sheep
Mary1882BrewarrinaGrevious bodily harm caused by Sargeant
Mary1936“Merilba Station”, NynganAka Mary the Rainmaker. Died
Mary Ann1871TenterfieldFound a body
Mary Ann1875Dungalier Station, WalgettMurdered by Brothers Dick
Mary Anne1869MoreeRaped by Goonal Tommy & Yaraldool Billy
Maud1911GraftonGave birth to Roach (son)
McDonald, Betsy1877WellingtonStole horse
McElligott, Tommy1876BrewarrinaMurder of Jack Dorrington
McGuinness1884BundarraMaliciously cut & wounded by Perry
McPherson, Tyhomas1877ObanAka Yarrow Creek Tommy. Killed One Eyed Billy
Merritt, Eileen1924BoorawaDaughter of Edward & Lucy. Died
Mick1872Terrier Vale, Liverpool Plains
Mick1875Wee WaaMurdered by James Smith
Mickey1867DubboSteal horse
Mickey1878Caroline, DandalooMurder of Paddy
Mickey1880HillstonMurder of Nanny
Micky1878South GraftonConnected with murder of Billy
Middleton, George1874BelubulaAka Barney. Rape
Milbona1820NSWGave birth to Mary Coramba
Milrea BillyArmidaleMurder of Jackey
Molloy, Tom1874TamberookaMurdered by Albon
Moore, Edward1882WollongongStealing
Morgan, Billy1869Bellingen RiverMurdered by Clarence River blacks
Morgan, John1883HargravesPolice Tracker
Mullins1882NarranderaPolice Tracker
Murphy, Jack1873NarrabriAka Left-handed Jack. Murdered Jack Murray
Murray1870-1871NarrabriPolice Tracker
Murray1876RockleyStole mare
Murray1877RockleySteal mare
Murray, Dickie1882Penegobla Station, Mogil MogilMurder of Tommy
Murray, Fred1877WallabadahAka Jack Robertson. Stole mare, assault & rape
Murray, Jack1873NarrabriMurdered by Jack Murphy
Murray, Tommy1881Lake CargellicoRape
Murray, Tommy1881DeniliquinAttempted rape
Naggy1868Wambungalong, DubboMurder of Burrowa Billy, later discharged
Naggy1868Wambungalong, DubboMurder of Cullengoing Billy, later discharged
Nambie Jack1882SydneyMurdered Dickie
Nanny1880HillstonMurdered by Boney & Mickey
Narran Jack1884BrewarrinaManslaughter of Warraweena Jimmy
Ned1878CanonbarPolice Tracker
Neddy1878Deep Creek, UlmarraMurder of Georgie
Nelly1913BourkeGave birth to Bruiser (son)
Nugent Jack1879BaradineShot & killed by Albert
Nuggetty1879NamoiCaused death of Old Paddy
Nymagee Billy1883CobarCut & wound with intent
Nymboida Jackey1884KempseyStole Dickey’s mare
Okeefe, Barney1883North Creek, GraftonMurder of Sambo
Old Paddy1879NamoiHis death caused by Nuggetty
One Eyed Billy1877ObanKilled by Thomas McPherson
O’Shanter, Tam1871SydneyHis clothing stolen
Packa Billy1873BalranaldMurder of Jermey
Paika Billy1874MudgeeMurdered Jenny
Paddy1872Port MacquariePolice Tracker
Paddy1876DubboMurder of Jimmycab
Paddy1878Caroline, DandalooMurdered by Yarrey & Mickey
Paddy1879CobarAid & abet prize fighter
Paddy1883BourkeManslaughter of George
Parker, James1875Trunkey CreekAka Jacky. Stole money
Parker, James1875Wangaratta, VicAka Jacky. Stole mare, saddle & bridle
Parsons, Dan1878Coonamia Creek, ShoalhavenBreak & enter
Peacock, Sam1871BathurstGaoled for stealing
Peacock, Sam1875DubboViolent assault
Peacock, Sam1875DubboAka Sambo. Stealing
Peacock, Sam1877DubboAka Sambo. Stealing a horse
Pearce, Jackey1878EuabalongWas supplied alcohol
Peggy1870Burrell, GunnedahMurdered by Donald
Pembroke, Tommy1880CassilisStealing
Perry1884BundarraMalicious cutting & wounding of McGuinness
Peter1872Warrego RoadMurdered
Peter1876Narrabri/BoggabriPolice Tracker
Peter1880WalgettHorse stealing
Phillips, George1884WellingtonMalicious wounding of Toby Collis
Polly1911MoreeGave birth to a son
Prince Albert1869DeniliquinMurdered by Graham & Peter Leigh
Prince Albert1881BingeraLarceny
Queensland Billy1873ForbesMurder
Queensland Billy1873ForbesBathurst Gaol sentenced to death
Quimby1913BourkeSon Bruiser born
Reed, Jimmy1878BoggabriStole cattle
Regan, John1874BaradineMurder of Sally Downey
Ridley, Bob1883WalgettMurdered by Billy Clarke
Roach1911GraftonBorn to Maud
Robert, Henry1814NSWBorn to Katherine
Roberts, Jackey1875ForbesAka Jackey the Rat. Attempt to rape
Robertson, John1876MerriwaStealing
Robinson, Jack1883NarrabriAttempted rape
Robinson, John1880MaitlandRape
Rouse, Charles1880DubboAka Charles Loder. Illegally on premises
Rouse, Charles1883DubboAka Charles Loder. Sentenced 3 years Parramatta Gaol for break & enter
Ryan, Harry1874Euabalong Aka Flanagan. Murder of Ellen Barber
Ryan, Henry1878WellingtonBeastiality with mare
Ryan, William1883CoomaIndecent assault
Sainders, Jimmy1879BundarraStole mare
Sally1875Newton Boyd, DalmortonMurdered by William George Brown
Sally1878BourkeWounded by Charley Brown
Sally1879BaradineShot at with intent to murder her by Albert
Sally1883ObleyMurdered by Jemmy Martell
Sally1883BrewarrinaMaliciously wounded by Worran Jack
Sambo1880GongolganMurdered Jack
Sambo1882OrangeAttempted rape of child under 5 yrs age
Sambo1883OrangeGaol for common assault
Sambo1883RockleyBorn 1866 in Qld. Police Tracker
Sambo1883North Creek, GraftonMurdered by Barney Okeefe
Sam Poo1865TalbragarMurder of Const John Ward on 3-2-1865
Sanby1883Meltonville, MungindiMurdered Henry. Later discharged.
Sandy Beard1869WarrenRape of 11 year old girl
Sawyer, Bob1873CoonabarabranStole rifle & powder pack
Sargeant1882BrewarrinaCaused grevious bodily harm to Mary
Schoolmate Jack1883ArmidaleStole Jack Campbell’s horse
Simon1875Glenrock, Upper Macleay RiverStole food supplies
Simon1875Port MacquarieStealing
Simon1882Goondabluie, WalgettManslaughter of Susan
Simon, John1877DubboRape
Simon, John1877CoalboggieRape
Simon, Paddy1877Port MacquarieMurdered by Fly
Sir Watkin1867JingeraPolice Tracker
Skean1877DeniliquinMurder of Jipp
Skinner, Charles Henry1879OrangeAbsconded from service
Slenderson, Alice1883East MaitlandStealing
Slenderson, Elizabeth1883East MaitlandReceiving stolen goods from her daughter Alice Slenderson
Smith, James1875Wee WaaMurder of Mick
Smith, Robert1874BathurstReceiver of stolen cattle
Sullivan, Jimmy1874DrakeSteal gold
Supple Jack1873CoonabarabranHit Margaret with a tomahawk
Supple John1873MudgeeGaol for aggravated assault
Susan1882Goondabluie, WalgettKilled by Simon
Sutton, Jemmy1875TenterfieldLarceny
Thomas1870Nundle Police Tracker
Thorn, George1872Coonabarabran6 months Mudgee Gaol for stealing
Tiger1876Gingie, WalgettMurdered by Tommy Doyle
Tighe, Billy1873GarrawillaStole sheep
Tight, Tommy1873BalranaldIllegal use of horse
Tight, Tommy1874BalranaldIllegal use of horse
Tilly1874WalgettMurdered by Alick
Toby1880GongolganMurdered Jack
Tommy1880TocumoalSuspected of horse stealing
Tommy1869CondobolinPolice Tracker, arrested Richard Norton
Tommy1872YoungArrested for stealing cattle. Later discharged
Tommy1872WallabadahWounding with intent
Tommy1874MoreeMurdered by Jemmy
Tommy1875CastlereaghMurder of Billy
Tommy1875MoreeKilled by Billy
Tommy1875Glen InnesEscaped custody
Tommy1876Glen InnesEscaped custody & robbery
Tommy1877CanonbarPolice Tracker
Tommy1877TamworthAttempt to ravish & steal horse
Tommy1880HillstonPolice Tracker
Tommy1882Penegobla Station, Mogil MogilMurdered by Dickie Murray
Tommy1882CoonabarabranPolice Tracker
Tommy1882MolongPolice Tracker
Tommy1882-1883RylstonePolice Tracker
Tommy1883GirilambonePolice Tracker
Tommy1884MolongPolice Tracker
Tommy1910WalgettBorn to Gingie S
Towney1874HillstonMurder of Kitty
Travden, Rosa1883Darlington PointConcealed the birth of a child
Tucka Tucka Jemmy1870BogabillaMurder of Gilpin
Unknown1880GongolganPolice Tracker murdered
Waggara, Dick1878YassSteal horse & tack
Walker, Sal1876InverellOf unsound mind
Walker, Sally1877InverellOf unsound mind
Walker, Sally1878InverellOf unsound mind
Wallace, Harry1873MurrurundiAttempted rape
Walters, Henry1882SingletonInflicted grevious bodily harm
Warraweena Jimmy1884BrewarrinaKilled by Narran Jack
Watson, Jack1875Southern Cross, ForbesMurder of May Ann Lambert
Watson, John C1878DubboIllegally on premises
Watson, Tom1870WellingtonAka Taff. Stole purse & money
Watt, Victor1882ForbesStealing
Watty, Thomas1878BrewarrinaSteal horse & tack
Webster, George1840NSWBorn
Webster, George1867YassStealing cattle
Webster, Sam1879YassFound dead in gaol
Wedge1880Forbes/WollengoughPolice Tracker
Wentworth, Jackey1878MolongStole 2 gallons of wine
Wentworth, Jackey1878CardingtonBreak & enter wine cellar
White, Thomas1876CowraAssault & robbery
White, Thomas1878BathurstAssault & robbery
Whyman, John1871AraluenStole a saddle
Wild Harry1882TimbrabongieMurder of Kitty Brandy
Williams, Yom1879MoruyaAka Two Penny. Assault
Willie1883MilparinkaPolice Tracker
Wongram, Willie1912MossgielBorn to Chrissie
Wonney, Tommy1880WalgettStole horse
Worran Jack1883BrewarrinaMaliciously wounding of Sally
Worrigan1870BallinaAka Ross. Attempted to rape 6 yr old child
Wyman, Jacky1875CobargoMurdered by Paddy Hadagady
Yango Johnny1876Maude, BalranaldMurder of Denny
Yaraldool Billy1869MoreeRape of Mary Anne (under 10 yrs old)
Yarra1878Caroline, DandalooAka Wild Harry. Murder of Paddy
Yellow Harry aka Harry Mortimer1883TenterfieldWas shot at with intent to murder him
Young1879-1880BoggabriPolice Tracker
Young, George1883Gunnedah(Identical with Fred Murray). Assault with intent to rape.