People and their Occupations

This collection was first started about twelve years ago simply as a list of the various occupations in the Hill End and Tambaroora district. It has changed over time from a rough list of occupations to what is now a compilation of people’s employment during their time of residing within the district. When the collection was first done it was purely for my own curiosity and use, so no sources where kept and it was only after about eight years that I realised what a good tool it would be to help the descendants with their research. Having made the list for the people and showing the different forms of occupations they had over a span of many years is only an indication that at some time during those years that person spent some time in the particular job. It does not mean they spent all those years doing that certain type of employment.

The different spellings of names have been left as I found them, and I have added the spouse’s name when I was sure which husband or wife they belonged to. The address sometimes looks as if the family moved often. This could be a case of giving the address in different ways but actually living in the same house. For instance: Hill End; High Street, Hill End; Cricket Ground, Hill End; Hawkins Hill, Hill End; could all mean the same address. There really is no way of knowing for sure if they stayed in the same house or if they moved house often as some of them did regularly.